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Racing at FixxFest

For the First time ever at a FixxFest event we will have Autocross style Road Course Racing!












































Racing will be subject to Pre-Race Inspection by Race Track staff. If your car does not pass inspection you will NOT be allowed to race and NO refund will be issued.

As a driver you will also be required to attend a pre-race drivers meeting. Failure to attend this meeting at your allotted time will result in NO racing and NO refund will be issued.

If you are unable to attend we must be notified no later than Nov 15th to issue a full refund. After Nov 15th there will be NO refunds issued for racing.

Racing will be Autocross style. The entire track will NOT be the layout for the racing portion. There will be cones to slow down the track for safety reason.

Racing Track Tickets are SOLD OUT!

Racing FAQ


Q: What time do racers need to show up?
A: Racers need to arrive no later than 9am! Being late may put your racing seat at risk.


Q: Are Helmets required to race?

A: Yes, Helmet must be SA2010 or newer. DOT or M rated (motorcycle) helmets are not acceptable. The FIRM will have Helmets available to rent for the day of the event. 


Q: Is there an age limit to race?

A: Yes, all drivers must have a valid drivers license and be over the age of 16. Minors under the age of 18 will be required to be accompanied by an adult and will be required to sign a Parental Consent Waiver.

Q: What are the rules for the racing?

A: For a list of the FIRMs rules and recommendations for race day prep head to :

Q: What is required for my car to pass inspection?

A: Every car that runs on the track must pass the FIRMs inspection. For details on the Technical Inspection you can view it here: Click here for Tech Inspection Sheet.

Q: Will there be times for the racing on the track?

A: Yes, we will have timing equipment to keep track of times for all the racing. We will have a board to view all times to compare amongst drivers. 

Q: What experience is needed to race?

A: Consider your own abilities and confidence for racing. The format is autocross style so you will not be racing side by side other cars. 

Q: Do I have to pre-register to Race at FixxFest?
A: Yes, you must pre-purchase tickets to Race at FixxFest. Tickets are limited to only 80 for the event.

Q: How much does it cost to Race at FixxFest?
A: Racing tickets are $80 which also includes admission to the event.


Q: Will there be drag racing?

A: No, the FIRM is not setup for drag racing. This is the first time since FixxFest #1 there will NOT be drag racing at the event.

Q: What if this FAQ didn't answer my question?
A: Send us a message below or post up on our facebook page any

questions you may have about the event!

Final Results from FixxFest 2021 Racing

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